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Oh, um, hi. I don't know how many people, if any, will read this but if you are then you probally think I'm aquward. Which is half trueish to a degree. Why am I still doing this? Well, since you've read this far I might as well tell you a bit about myself. Er, you can be assured I'm female. There are no gender swapping plans in my future. Although I do like to genderbend myself and other characters. Let's see, what else. Well, I write things in my free time and I can draw (not very good but I'm improving so that's a plus). I guess you want to know more if your still reading this. Which is borederline creepy but I won't judge. What else can I say? I ship a lot of things but I don't cross my ships. Once I have someone paired up then they stay that way unless I feel that they are more compatible with another person (which has only happend twice) but I don't hate on other ships because I can understand a persons reason for shipping what they do and its none of my buisness who they ship. And if its an unpopular ship then props to them for sticking with it. Well my secret stalker, I'm going to end this here. If you want to know more then your just gonna hafta search for me. :p
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